Speak Your Mind is a complete programme that is effective and relevant from beginner level to advanced level. The programme is linked to the European Common Framework which defines 6 levels of ability to use a foreign language: A1 – C2 (see map below for levels and exams).


The complete programme is marked to 17 stages (Units).
Each unit gives dedicated presentation to around 350 new words
and builds up the grammar you need to express yourself with confidence at that level.
(Look at “Books” to see examples of different levels)

What level do you need?

Find out

“The Speak Your Mind course follows a clear structure; many people intuitively approve of going from A to B to C. Learners like to ‘know what they are learning’ and to ‘know what they know’, for many people this can be an essential aid in maintaining motivation.”


The design and structure of the programme allows students to be placed at their most appropriate level when they begin their course and enables them to set clear short-term and long-term objectives. Students study at the best level for them and they can see their progress as they continue through the course. Students don’t spend months and months ‘floating’ in ‘intermediate, for example.

Speed – more English in less time

It’s a fact of life – learning a language, especially as an adult, is not always as simple as we’d like.
We don’t claim any magic formula but Speak Your Mind is designed to be efficient as well as effective. Although learning times can vary considerably from individual to individual and from region to region, in most cases Speak Your Mind significantly reduces learning time, offering students the benefit of a course where ‘fast’ and ‘well’ are not alternatives.

Some figures? Experience in Speak Your Mind schools in Europe shows that beginners normally reach A2 level of the European Common Framework in around 100 – 120 hours as opposed to the 200 hours indicated as necessary by the Council of Europe.

“I have made more progress in this course than I imagined was possible. I am really pleased with how well I have learnt – and I now have a really good TOEIC score to prove it.”
(Valeria M: Medical Student)


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Speak Your Mind Student Books provide comprehensive explanations of vocabulary and grammar


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