“Simply Different”

At Speak Your Mind we are about to grow – and we might well be growing pretty fast.
We will grow on the strength of the service we provide and the outcomes that students achieve: we firmly believe that success will be the consequence of a good job done well. Doing a good job well relies on having the right people throughout – people who work with energy, expertise and ethics.

We are also looking for people who see the potential for a longer-term career within our growing network.
We are looking for talented, practical-minded, enthusiastic English Teachers who enjoy dynamic person-to-person lessons, take pride in their work and draw their reward from student progress. Teachers will be good listeners and good communicators who can naturally make people feel at ease. It’s essential that teachers enjoy a collaborative team-working environment and have the organisational aptitude that this entails. Teachers must be willing to learn – full training will be part of the deal.

“Working with SyM plays to my strengths as a teacher – my dynamic approach, good rapport with students, caring manner, effective and appropriate correction of mistakes, and the fact that I’m more relaxed and comfortable with a simple whole-class teaching approach rather than coordinating and monitoring pair work or group work, or managing complex listening exercises.  I also like how the method provides a clear structure on various levels: to the teacher-student interaction throughout the lesson; to each lesson as a whole, and to the course as a whole.  However, I also like how this structure is not so rigid as to stifle spontaneity and student and teacher creativity within the classroom.”

Do you have experience with Speak Your Mind? Interested in new prospects?

Speak Your Mind is a growing network – and we are looking to involve English teachers with Speak Your Mind experience in this exciting and challenging phase. There will be openings for Directors of Studies and trainers internationally.

If you enjoy teaching English with Speak Your Mind and you would like to use your experience and develop it further in a new location, please send us your name and details. As new schools open and existing schools expand, we will circulate news on vacancies to teachers who have registered with us. Registration on this list will be treated with strict confidentiality.

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