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“Some people want to study English – most people want to learn to speak it: that is why there is Speak Your Mind.”


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Speak Your Mind is more than quality teaching – it’s about quality schools. As a school you too can become part of this and discover the difference that so many people who want to learn English are looking for.

About Us

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“E” is for English, but also for Enthusiasm, Energy and Ethics.


The Speak Your Mind School, Tokyo

Address: A1 Building 2F,
1-6-9 Tomigaya,
Tokyo 151-0063
Telephone: +81.334.697.151

“When I first heard about the Speak Your Mind method I was intrigued. After the first day of training I was impressed and by the end of the first month of teaching I was convinced.”


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The complete programme is planned into 17 levels


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Speak Your Mind Student Books provide comprehensive explanations of vocabulary and grammar


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We are looking for talented, practical-minded, enthusiastic English Teachers who enjoy dynamic person-to-person lessons

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