At Speak Your Mind we have 21 years of innovation, hard work and good results behind us.

Over this time we have dedicated our energy and resources to developing and refining a unique methodology which stands apart for its style and its effectiveness. Over the same 21 years we have worked towards creating a whole new “type” of school – a school where an integrated system of procedures and best practices support the teaching to assure high standards and good outcomes for students.

“What’s good for the student is good for the school” and word-of-mouth has seen Speak Your Mind spread . However, this phase of spontaneous growth has now made way for a new stage of development.

We know there is a big space for Speak Your Mind and we want to develop internationally on the basis of the uniqueness of the teaching programme, the robustness and flexibility of the school-system we have developed and strong alliances with committed partners.

Born in Italy – grown abroad. It’s true that we have found fertile terrain further from home, but home is where we want to be. We are now creating a Franchising network in Italy – a network based on the same ethical values which have always driven Speak Your Mind forward. A network organisation that can provide all the tools and support and services that make Speak Your Mind Schools stand out high in a crowded market.

English has probably never been such a priority in Italy as it is now, and the need for an innovative, fresh and effective approach has never been so strongly felt.

If you own an existing school, or if you are interested in starting up a school in your area and you see the potential and appeal of something “simply different” come and speak to us, to see how we can offer the best solution available.

  • Innovative method
    Set your school apart from the rest

  • Exclusivity
    Other schools in your area won’t build on your success

  • Assistance with recruitment of teachers

  • Reliability
    Classroom-approved for 21 years

  • 360°
    Testing, Assessment, and Course Management systems: we provide a complete package for your school

  • Dedicated school website

  • Training
    The key to success, we provide full training at all levels

  • On-going support and consultation

  • Image
    Benefit from being part of a respected, growing international group

“ I am extremely happy with the new school…lots of people are joining and the Speak your Mind method is just great! The students learn, they see the improvement and they enjoy their classes. It´s been hard work but with the training and support of the SYM central offices, together with the procedures and systems they have in place, it has also been a smooth start.”

N. Miranda – School owner

choose speak your mind and our franchising

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