Speak (v): To talk or say things mind (n): The part of your brain that thinks and remembers from Oxford Wordpower dictionary

What does “Speak your mind” mean?

“It means to say exactly what you are thinking.”
“To speak your mind means to express what you really feel and think.”
(from Yahoo answers)

“Speak Your Mind. Isn’t that what everyone would like to be able to do in the language they are learning? Of course, speaking your mind can be very simple: ‘yes’ and ‘no’ is straight talking but no one would want to remain at that level for long. What do you need to be able to speak your mind?

“It doesn’t seem like ‘studying’. It’s like having a conversation for 50 minutes among friends – but afterwards everything comes back to your mind and you realise that the words you were using you were learning. For me that’s the great thing about Speak Your Mind.”
Marina T: clerk



Positives for students are:

  • Students get lots of speaking practice with accessible interaction, building up new language steadily.
  • Levels are well defined and monitored, students are placed at appropriate level.
  • No students are left out during lessons, all is fair.
  • Students can have different teachers and follow a well-structured programme.
  • Classes are focused on ‘language learning’, not “edutainment”.
  • Correction is consistently given, as rigorously as learners seem to benefit from best.
  • Little time is wasted. Students come out of lessons feeling they have really gained.


You need words – the most important part of a language. The more words you know, the more you can understand and the more precisely you can express yourself. With Speak Your Mind you learn new words every lesson, systematically.


You need grammar if you want to communicate clearly and easily. With clear practical explanations, relevant examples and regular focused practice over time, grammar becomes familiar – and an aid to communication – not an obstacle.


You have words and you have grammar – all you need is the magic ingredient that can make all this ‘real’: practice. Without the right practice you’ll probably not feel at ease enough to speak, and who learns a language not to speak it?


Speak Your Mind is all this – a complete programme of structured interaction that teaches you new words every lesson. With spaced lesson-to-lesson revision and recycling, you learn words and grammar naturally, without boring or repetitive memorisation exercises.
And speaking? Well, you couldn’t get much more English into a lesson, and with teachers who really want to make the lesson as relevant to you as possible, lessons become productive and enjoyable too.

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